Using any model of Easy Riser requires a portable power drive.   You can use any portable power drive that will thread 2" schedule 40 steel pipe.  The options are as follows:

  Least expensive: 
Northern Threader part number 190933 available from Northern.  Click HERE to follow the link to their web site.  Current prices are about $US 450 including threading dies.
Used portable power drives.  Rigid 700 portable power drives are rugged pieces of equipment.  Our customers have and use Rigid 700's that are 25 years old.  These are available from used tool distributors or via ebay or similar web sources. We recommend that you check the brushes and change them is necessary and grease the head.
  Moderate expense: 
Talcott Mountain Engineering sells the REMS Amigo 2, currently available for $US 1250 without dies.  These are rugged, modern technology portable power drives made to high German quality standards.  Click HERE to follow the link to the REMS web site.
  Most expensive:
Talcott Mountain Engineering sells the Rigid 700, currently available for $US 1700 without dies.  Follow the link HERE to learn more about the Rigid 700.  This is old but reliable technology, and you are paying for the Rigid name. Check prices at your favorite tool supplier.

In addition to a portable power drive, you will need the following:

An overhead pipe frame.  This is made from standard schedule 40 galvanized pipe.  We don't ship these with the units because you would pay more for shipping than the pipe is worth, and most customers have ready access to 3/4 and 1 1/4 inch pipe and fittings.

A boat winch or come along.  You probably have one of these.

If you like a pendant control, you may want to consider the model 1977 pneumatic pendant.  Click HERE to learn more about the model 1972 pendant.




Last modified: January 23, 2020